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  • Created 18 Jan 2011

About the Group


The focus of this group is environmental software and how it can be described to make it easy to access, understand and utilize beyond the development team. Software in this context includes models, databases, and tools (e.g., decision support tools, statistical methods, visualization tools, frameworks, etc.) that are involved in integrated environmental modeling.

We realize that describing such software to enable reuse and interoperability requires more than simply describing input and output variables. It requires transparent documentation of the science expressed in the software as well. Thus, this effort focuses attention on both qualitative as well as quantitative information and placing this information in machine readable format (e.g., metadata placed in XML). These descriptions should have an ontological value to assist model reuse and interoperability.

Definition of Terms

What makes software reusable and interoperable?

Examples of Reuse & Interoperability

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